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Friday, 23 April 2004
Is it attraction?
There's this guy in my school who I bump into time to time. He's very attractive. I think he's half Asian/white or something. Anyway, we came off on a wrong way. The thing is he smiled & said something to me one time, and I totally blew him off by not smiling back to him. Gosh! I should have though. I'm such a spaz sometimes.

I think that day I wasn't feeling very well, I totally didn't feel like introducing myself or talking to anyone. So now it's like we see eachother, look at eachother and don't even say a word! He must think I'm a stuck up fool.

His description is: 5' 6" inches I think. He has black hair, maybe dark brown eyes. He looks around his late 20s. He looks like he's atheletic and not too buff.

Right now we're both in the computer lab. I'm so checking him out without him realizing it..haha. He has a pimple on his nose can really spot that

Well if we talk, we'll talk, if not then oh well :)

Posted by thegirl33 at 12:44 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, 23 April 2004 2:29 PM EDT

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