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I'm cooL

A story that never ends....

I was 7 months when I was born in the Phillipines. Why? well my mother fled from Cambodia because of the Khmer Rouge War. And I guess I was anxious to get out..haha. I was named after a city called Morongbathann. Thank God my mother did not named me MORONG. After a couple of months living in the Phillipines my mother was finally sponsered to live in America. I had a father who was in a polygamous relationship at the time and things did not go so well between him and my mother in the U.S. They went their seperate ways and continued with their journey.

Years passed by and I could not remember my childhood years, but what I could remember was being bad in pre-school and did not understand English one bit! I remembered a teacher named Vanessa who was so pretty & nice! Who was always there with me and Rany. There's more but I'm just going to leave it like that...

So throughout my elementary school yrs I did not enjoy it one bit. I was always getting picked on and make fun of b/c of my ethnic background! At the time it was racist and the teachers weren't really good either. I remembered there was a boy who called me Ms. bobos & repetively sang the song called "bobos, it costed a dollar 99" I guess because I always wore dull black sneakers to school and they surely weren't in style! But them sneakers were comfortable so when it was torn/ripped my mother ended up buying the same pair for me again regardless how I looked in them. [continue later]